Exotac Matchcap XL

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Exotac MATCHCAP XL, The MATCHCAP XL can carry all sizes of matches from standard kitchen strike-on-the-box to the extended length stormproof matches.With the dual - striker design you can use safety matches or strike-anywhere matches. An O-ring keeps both the matches and the red phosphorus (strike-on-the-box) striker dry.

The MATCHCAP XL , Can also act as a waterproof container for carrying Tinder, Tablets, Water purification tablets, Money Etc.  

Whats in the box:  

  • Matchcap XL Spare O ring
  • 1  x Spare Red Phosphorus Striker
  • 1 x Strike Anywhere Striker Instructions  


  • Waterproof To Depths Of >20ft
  • Replaceable Match Strikers
  • Holds Matches Up To 3.1" Long
  • Lightweight Anodized Aluminium Body
  • Square Threads For Durability
  • Holds Up To 40 Kitchen Matches Or 25 Stormproof Matches
  • Diameter: 1.20"
  • Length: 3.60"
  • Weight: 1.25oz 


Package Includes:

Exotac MatchCap XL