Wazoo Viking Whetstone Necklace

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The Viking Whetstone Pendant modernizes a traditional Viking tool using world-famous genuine Arkansas Novaculite. Designed as a great general-purpose fieldstone for knife-edge maintenance, with a medium fineness (600-800 relative grit size). Each stone is carefully chosen, hand-cut, ground and drilled. Each Whetstone Pendant is hand-tied using a unique knot that we call the “Napoleon Claw” and inspired by Viking/Celtic knot-work.

Features Of Leather:

  • Leather 1/8" Round Cord
  • Untied Length 41"
  • Custom Antiqued Mahogany Colour
  • Free Of Lead, PCP, Mercury, Formaldehyde, Other Carcinogenic Chemicals
  • Size: Sliding Double Fishermans Knot Adjusts From 15" - 28"


Features Of Whetstone:

  • Genuine Arkansas Novaculite
  • Medium Fineness (600-800 Grit)
  • Great General Purpose Stone
  • Unique Stone Patterns
  • Made In The USA
  • Stone Size: 1.9" x 1" x 0.25" (48mm x 25mm x 6.5mm)


Package Includes:

Wazoo Viking Whetstone